3 Reasons To Join a BNI Networking Group

With more than 300,000 global members and $20.6 billion in referral-generated business, there’s no denying why BNI is the world’s most reputable professional networking organization. Nearly 11,000 international chapters exist, all featuring one member for each profession and encouraging every other member to refer relevant contacts to them. 

For business professionals in the Denver area, BNI Rocky Mountain Elite is here to end your search for networking groups near me. BNI’s referral networking model has played a transformative role in all our members’ businesses and the chapter’s growth. As BNI RME’s resident web designer with my company, Kreativ Alchemy, I can personally attest to the monetary and social value the chapter provides. In this blog post, I’m sharing the top three reasons you should join us.

I drove down to Denver, and the entire chapter organized a lunch to meet me.

1. Referrals Work

“Referred-in customers have a 37% higher retention rate than other customers.”
- Deloitte

Even as a digital marketing professional, I preach that word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Although specialized, web design (and many other skills) is not proprietary. Outside of a strong portfolio, personal connections, and testimonials help my company stand out in a sea of others. When I joined BNI RME, several other members jumped at the opportunity to share my name with people they knew could use my services. Their testimonials gave me a leg up on the competition. 

2. Build Relationships

“70% of U.S. consumers say they trust brand and product recommendations from friends and family.”
- Forester Research

BNI gives you a platform to build lasting relationships that generate business for years. One of the best examples of relationship-building happened only a few weeks after I joined the BNI RME chapter. During my presentation at the weekly meeting, I shared that we’d just launched Real Estate Robot, our new AI copywriting app. My fellow chapter member, Mike Schmidt from Underpinning The Rockies, wanted to help me make real estate connections. He spent an entire day driving me to different real estate offices with which he works and introducing me to his connections. Not only did Mike have a fantastic relationship with everyone we met, but he now has a lasting relationship with me too, and I’ll go out of my way to return the generosity to his business. 

3. Sharpens Skills

Continuing education helps business owners become more well-rounded and leverage the BNI referral networking platform to its fullest potential. Therefore, BNI encourages all members to complete weekly continuing education credits. As a member, I have access to thousands of live webinars, recorded presentations, podcasts, training modules, and other materials to help me grow as a business owner and chapter member. These CEUs have also inspired several of my company’s blog posts

BNI Networking Offers High ROI

I can confidently say that BNI has provided Kreativ Alchemy with the highest return on investment of any marketing initiative. The strong relationships we’ve built through BNI RME and former chapters have created a snowball effect on referrals that send us other referrals that send us even more referrals. I highly recommend BNI networking to any business owner who wants to organically grow their company.

If you’re unsure whether BNI RME is the right business networking group for you, visit a meeting to find out.