Join Our Denver Business Networking Group

BNI Rocky Mountain Elite

BNI RME is always looking for quality members who want to grow their business through referral marketing. If you want to give business to get business, our chapter is the right place to be.

Become a member of our Denver networking group and experience the benefits of referral networking for your business.

BNI RME Application Process

After you submit your application to join our Denver business networking group, you’ll talk to our quality assurance team to share more about your business and what you’re hoping to achieve through BNI. Our QA team will review your application details and call the references you provided during the application process. Once we verify that you’ll be a quality member (and our chapter will benefit you too), we’ll walk you through the remaining technical steps to complete your registration.

Is Your Denver Small Business a Good Fit?

At BNI Rocky Mountain Elite, quality is key. We’re looking for new members who understand the value of Givers Gain and that a strong business networking group equates to a strong business. If we don’t already have a member in your same profession, our doors are open to you. Stop by our next meeting and see if our business networking group feels like the right place to grow.

Let Our Chapter Be Part of Your Success

A win for any BNI RME member is a win for the whole chapter. Visit a meeting to see the power of referral networking in action.