Yoga to Rediscover Yourself After Heartbreak

This blog post was written for our Denver networking group by Towani Clarke, who holds the yoga studio seat.

My Turning Point

As a yoga teacher, you might be surprised when I say I have started and stopped yoga several times. My turning point came after I walked out of my 1st marriage heartbroken with two young children. I remember being in a yoga studio in Cape Town deep in the heart-opening camel pose when I felt the sensations of my emotions from heartbreak start to work their way out of my body. After this incident my head could no longer deceive me that I was fine nor could I go on as usual. Yoga reconnected me to my body so I could feel I had changes to make and healing to do. 

A Whole New Me

The following years were a journey of bringing head, heart, and body together with yoga, meditation, and other modalities. Before I started my evolution I was:

  • a scared unhappy single mother of two in Lusaka Zambia, 
  • stuck replaying the past and what could/should have changed to avoid the collapse of my marriage and 
  • lost with no idea was going to do with my life. 

In my evolution, I became:

  • courageous enough to explore passions and dreams, start a thriving yoga business and a women’s afrochic design studio. 
  • confident in raising my children. My daughter recently graduated from Yale and my son is managing a commercial farm in Zambia. 
  • more discovered to myself to know what is important to me and therefore what I want and need in life and in a partner.  

Several years ago I was bold enough to truly love again and move halfway across the world to Denver, Colorado in the USA to be with my amazing supportive husband. I’m so grateful for all the healing, discovery, and growth, and can truly say I am happier than I have ever been or even thought possible.

Still Evolving…

Now 14 years after my turning point, though I still love to teach yoga I’m ready to work deeper and more profoundly with whoever is ready. I have transitioned from teaching general Hatha and yin yoga classes to offering a comprehensive Re/discover Yourself after Heartbreak 6-month coaching program using the tools I’ve found along the way (yes including yoga). The program is designed to help heal from heartbreak, re/discover oneself and what makes one tick to become happier than before in a supported, guided, and effective way than if left to chance or one’s own devices. 

Are You Ready to Grow?

If you are intrigued enough to want to find out more for yourself (or to share with someone you know) you are welcome to a Roadmap Session to Rediscover Yourself after Heartbreak on September 30, which outlines 6 key aspects you can use on your own or with me on in the coaching program. Click here to register:

Let’s Collaborate at Our Next Denver Networking Group Meeting

I’m looking for therapists, life coaches, nutritionists, massage therapists, and others in wellness to collaborate with in this program and to refer to clients. If you are interested in a collaboration I invite you to come my presentation at my Denver networking group on Thursday. Click here to register as a visitor.